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Spaying and Neutering


Ensuring your pet's health and longevity is at the heart of our mission at Alberta Veterinary Clinic. A crucial step in this journey is the decision to spay or neuter.

The harsh reality is that many animals face abandonment or euthanasia each year due to the lack of spaying and neutering. Taking the step to spay or neuter directly combats this issue. Beyond population control, these procedures also guard against specific cancers, infections, and behavioral challenges like territorial marking and aggression.


In addition to being committed to your pet’s health, wellness and comfort during the procedure, we are dedicated to their recovery after.  Comprehensive post-operative care instructions help ensure a smooth recovery period. If you have questions after the procedure, we are but a phone call away.


We value every pet's right to this health advantage and our services are set at an accessible price point.

For a brighter, healthier future for your pet, consider spaying or neutering. Current patients can schedule an appointment through our Patient Portal here or by calling the office at 205.556.2666. If you are a new patient, please call.

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